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Welcome to the Hazel Cryderman-Wees Foundation


• Post-secondary (college of university) scholarships
• Usually awarded to 3-5 new students each year
• Students can then reapply each year
• Typically $5,000 to $10,000 over 4 years


• Students who plan to pursue full-time post-secondary education in the creative or performing arts
• Students who demonstrate exceptional artistic ability
• Preference for students in South Western Ontario


• Applications are due March 1
• Studies must begin by September 1

*Home page image is a sculpture created by former HCWF Scholarship recipient Ali Louwagie.

HCWF Application

Applying for a Scholarship

Please click on the attached PDF Application link and fill it out completely. Applications are due March 1.



Once completed, please send to:

Hazel Cryderman-Wees Foundation
100 Fullarton Street
London, ON
N6A 1K1

Previous Recipients

Recent Scholarship Recipients

Miles Collyer


Stephanie Suderman


Ali Louagie


Nayeon Lee


Alyssa Curto

Lauren White
Sept. 2012: $1,500.00
Sept. 2013: $1,000.00

Fateema Miller
Sept. 2013: $3,000.00

Ani Chemillian
Sept. 2013: $3,000.00

Christy Lundy
Sept. 2011: $1,000.00  (Mackie Cryderman prize)
Sept. 2012: $1,500.00
Sept. 2013: $1,000.00

Jordan Scott
Sept. 2012: $1,500.00
Sept. 2013: $1,000.00

Alyssa Curto
Sept. 2012: $1,500.00
Sept. 2013: $1,000.00

Brianna Tosswill
Sept. 2012: $1,500.00
Sept. 2013: $1,000.00


“I am so thankful for the support of the Hazel Cryderman-Wees Foundation.  Their generosity has allowed me to pursue further education in the fine arts; a field in which I aspire to obtain a career.  It is a simple yet invaluable joy to do what I love, and for this I am sincerely grateful.”
Ali Louwagie

“My studies are going very well.  I am thankful that I am given the opportunity to pursue my dream! Thank you for your support.”
Nayeon Lee

HCWF Foundation

About Hazel Cryderman-Wees Foundation Scholarships


The Hazel Cryderman-Wees Foundation assists Canadian students pursuing education in the Creative and Performing Arts. Each year the Board accepts applications from students asking for financial assistance with tuition and accomodation. The foundation looks more favourably on those who intend to be creatively active rather than those who intend to follow an academic career. The Foundation hopes that its modest contribution will assist in strengthening the creative and performing arts in Canada.

Students must be making application to an accredited Canadian institution. The funds must be used during the ensuing academic year.

Mackie Cryderman came to London in 1926 and started the visual arts programme at the H.B. Beal Technical School. Under Mackie’s direction its modest beginnings grew into one of the leading art schools in Canada. The training that a student received at “Beal” was considered comparable to the first year of the college curriculum for the Ontario College of Art. Mackie was a very talented designer; her handcrafted jewellery was exquisite as was her hand carved furniture.

Mackie personally sought funding for her students so that they could study abroad. She developped her unique art department at Beal and she chose the very best teachers and then left them alone to teach and attract other teachers to the program. Herb Ariss was a perfect example of this. Mackie brought Herb to her art department after the war and let him develop a Fine Art programme that attracted such teachers as John O’Henly, Paterson Ewen, Hugh MacKenzie and Bert Kloezman, who produced students such as Jack Chambers, Greg Curnoe, Ron Martin, Joh Boyle, Ed Zelenak, Murray Favro, Robert Jones, Jamelie Hassan, Ron and Tom Benner, Jeff Wilmore and many others who have become internationally recognized Canadian artists.

Hazel Cryderman-Wees was Mackie Cryderman’s sister-in-law. Hazel greatly admired Mackie as a teacher who wanted her students to excel regardless of their financial circumstances.

Hazel wished to establish a scholarship foundation to help students pursuing the arts. After her death the Hazel Cryderman-Wees Foundation was formed and began to distribute scholarships in her name in 2001.

For more information on Mackie Cryderman contact: www.londonmuseum.on.ca

Contact Us

Contact Us

Email: info@hcwfscholarships.ca

Phone: 519.672.7370

100 Fullarton Street
London, Ontario
N6A 1K1